Story Telling & Presentation Skills

In KidsEdge’s Story Telling & Presentation Skills programme, your child will build confidence, practice public speaking, story-telling and pronunciation skills. Students will learn to read for meaning with engaging material and exciting stories.

Through storytelling, we encourage children to sequence a story, predict what will happen, to comment, and to connect between the story and their personal lives.

Story Retelling

Story Prediction

  • Students will be asked to describe images, then makeup stories from the images and share it with their classmates orally
  • Children learn verbal structure and sharing and listening skills when they and their peers share with pride and no inhibitions.
  • Storytelling opens up channels of communication and stimulates emotional, imaginative, and linguistic development. It encourages student participation, develops confidence, and boosts self-esteem.

Story Sequencing

  • Children can practice their logic skills by sequencing images in chronological order, telling a story
  • Teachers also ask kids questions that stimulate their brain
    • “What do you think they will do next? Why?”

Picture Description

  • When they begin to write, children exposed to storytelling will understand the rules of structure and have a better grasp of language form. Initially, using verbal methods to voice ideas for context will free them from writing constraints and ensure that students are inspired and motivated to then write.
  • Children introduced to books and stories read have increased fluency and advance at a faster pace. They will learn and recognize a myriad of ideas, concepts, and structures.
  • When listening for meaning and detail, storytelling unconsciously helps your child develop concentration and listening skills

Good Story Telling & Presentation Skills are some of the key skills that are required for a successful

kindergarten / primary school interview.

Please check out our Interview Tips section for helpful hints that help prepare your child for a successful interview.

Engaging your child in story-telling develops key literacy skills, and will equip your child with the necessary thinking tools to excel in school!

Contact us to learn more about how we can cater to your child’s specific needs!


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