Active Phonics & Reading


KidsEdge’s Active Phonics and Reading Programme is a specialized programme that helps prepare your child to read, spell and write. It is a synthetic phonics programme centered on:

  1.  KidsEdge’s tailored-made synthetic phonics curriculum
  2.  Reading A to Z’s leveled readers
  3.  Spelling based on Dolch word list
  4. Phonics audio recordings

What is KidsEdge Phonics?

KidsEdge Phonics is a child-friendly, multi-modal system for teaching children to read, write and spell. The secret to its worldwide success lies in its pictograph characters and their ability to make learning fun! In-class activities include stories, spelling exercises, word sorts, reading and writing exercises, and interactive phonics games. Moreover, we assess our students regularly to ensure their progression through the programme, and send these assessments home for you to see your child’s growth as well.

What are Reading A to Z Leveled Readers?

Students are introduced to a new Scholastic Reader every week. Leveled readings are categorized by difficulty. First, we assess how well our students read and then match them perfectly to books which are both interesting and challenging. Once assessed, students read one leveled reader per lesson. As a result, their reading skills are bolstered and also allows them to practice their sight word recognition. Students are allowed to keep these books and practice their newfound skills at home.

What spelling words will my child be assigned?

Once they are ready, our Active Phonics and Reading programme students receive a packet with spelling words. These words are tailor-made to go hand in hand with our programme. In each class, we assign a custom set of words to our students based on their level. We then review pronunciation in addition to spelling, and students are tested on each set of words the following week. This allows them to apply the phonetic skills they are learning in class to words they will write in school.

How can I help my child do phonics revisions at home?

We have made the home revision process as fun and easy as possible by making a series of over 20 phonics videos covering over 60 sounds, from single letter sounds to “silent magic E” and other important spelling patterns.

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