Our Primary English programme is designed for students who would like to improve their writing skills.

Three major components can be found in this programme: 1) Writing, 2) Reading, 3) Grammar & Vocabulary.

1. Writing

Narrative & Non Narrative Writing

KidsEdge’s approach to Creative Writing is to train children to develop creativity and shape their thought processes so they can think independently and insightfully.  Our programmes enable children too:

  1. Read fluently and with understanding
  2. Express themselves clearly and effectively
  3. To write creatively and think independently
  • The narrative section will have your child executing personal and biographical writing in no time!
  • The expository section emphasizes writing form, develops informative and descriptive writing skills while learning to organize, format, and write essays and reports.
  • The persuasive writing curriculum teaches your child to compose effective letters, editorials, and reviews.

Writing Genres

Non-narrative Writing

2. Reading Comprehension

Students are exposed to a variety of comprehensive activities and comprehension cloze exercises in this programme. These exercises are designed to do the following:

  • Evaluates and draws some conclusions from information, main ideas and supporting details
  • Makes inferences convincingly supported with details from the text/interprets the author’s choice of style, format and ideas to suit an intended audience and purpose
  • Synthesizes ideas, opinions and attitudes in the text/makes connections with own experiences, attitudes, points of view and global perspectives

Reading Comprehension

3. Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Grammar and vocabulary are also important elements of the programme. Students will be given ample chances to master new concepts and practice their grammar skills in a variety of contexts.

Grammar & Usage

Vocabulary in Text

Sentence Editing

This programme serves as the ultimate writing course for kids, and is guaranteed to improve your child’s literacy, vocabulary, and writing skills. This exposure will give your child an advantage over peers and will propel your child further ahead of the other students in class!

To celebrate our students’ learning and exceptional achievement in writing, we also offer a program where we help them publish their works into story books. Their stories are written with vivid imagination and accompanied by captivating illustrations.

Contact us to learn more about how we can cater to your child’s specific needs!