Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


My child doesn’t speak much English; will that be alright?

Yes! Children tend to pick it up quickly. In addition, your child will have access to pictures and body gestures done by the teacher and their fellow students.

Can I accompany my child into the classroom?

Unfortunately not, as this tends to disturb the class and causes your child to become more attached to you.

Will I be updated with my child’s performance?

Yes! You will receive a pack of materials after every class with the teacher’s feedback. In addition, we can always ask the teacher for specific feedback and call you with the information.

Can I have a trial class?

Yes. We charge the normal class rate.

I’m late! Can I make up the time at the end of class?

Class time begins and ends at a specified time and cannot be made up.

If I miss a class this term, can I deduct one class of tuition fee from the next term?

No. All absent classes will need to made up and cannot be deducted.

My child is quite young, what if they cry?

Our teachers are trained to manage and calm children until they grow accustomed to their classroom.

How many children are in a classroom?

There will be no more than five students per room.

How do you determine the groups in each classroom?

Students are grouped by level rather than age.

Can I speak to the teachers after class?

You may briefly ask to speak with her, but since we have classes back to back, it must be brief. If you require more detail, you may send us an email.

Active Talkers

Active Talkers

What is the minimum age?

2.5 years old or Pre Nursery. Your child will need to be able to enter the classroom by themselves.

Can my 3 year old join Story Telling instead?

Yes, Story Telling is also catered for advanced 3 year olds. Having said that, Active Talkers is similar to Story Telling as it contains story telling elements, but at a simpler level. We will guide and train your child to tell stories and speak in complete sentences, just as what we do in Story Telling.

Are there arts and crafts during class?

Your child may be asked to cut and glue shapes and images but arts and crafts are never the main focus. A  wide range of activities is introduced in class to keep your child engaged.

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

What is the minimum age?

2.5 years old

What is the difference between Interviewing Skills and Story Telling?

While both classes are beneficial for preparing your child for school interviews, Story Telling focuses specifically on crafting stories. Interviewing Skills has a broader component, focusing on story telling in addition to logical and critical thinking plus question response.

Will my 2.5 /3 year old child be expected to write during the actual interview?

They may be asked to write their names and draw a picture, but are not expected to do serious writing.

My child is very talkative with people he/she knows, but not with strangers! How will you help?

Your child will have different teachers as often as possible to give them maximum exposure to new faces.

Story Telling & Presentation Skills

Story Telling and Presentation Skills

What is the minimum age?

Your child must be either in K2 or K3. We also accept advanced K1 students.

Can my child in K3 join Public Speaking instead?

Yes, Public Speaking is also catered for advanced K3 students.

My child is very shy. Will they be left out?

Of course not! We will train your child to develop fluency and confidence all while encouraging active oral communications. Every child will be given an equal chance to speak.

Active Phonics

Active Phonics

How long does it take to finish the programme?

This is dependent on how often your child has scheduled lessons. Normally, each level is completed in nine months. The entire programme can be completed in around two years.

Do I need to wait until the end of each level to see progress?

Your child will begin showing progress after each class!

My child is very young and cannot write yet. Can they join this programme?

Of course! Our Level 1 does not require much writing.

How will I know how my child is progressing?

After each level, we will assess your child and see how they are progressing. In addition, each phonics booklet contains an assessment.

Will there be many chances for my child to practice reading?

Yes! In addition to reading words within the booklet, your child will be given a set of readers based on their level.

Will my child have homework?

Your child may be required to review their spelling words.

Will my child be bored?

No! Each lesson incorporates games and fun activities to ensure your child remains engaged and interested in the material.

Is there a difference between the different phonetic curriculum?

The order in which the sounds are taught may be different, but since the sounds are the same, there are no major differences.

Why does my child have to practice spelling in phonics?

Phonics teaches your child how to read words, and this in turn helps them spell.

What programme can my child do next?

After this programme, your child is ready for Primary English!

Cambridge English


How long will it take to get my child ready for the Starters exam?

This is dependent on how often your child has scheduled lessons. Normally, your child will be ready for the exam in about 6 to 8 months.

How will your centre prepare my child for the exam?

Your child will be required to review their spelling words. We will assign a few spelling words for your child to practice every class.

Will your centre practice past papers with my child in class?

Yes, your child will start working on past papers two months before the exam.

How many past paper booklets is my child expected to complete before the exam?

We suggest three booklets, that is a total of nine tests.

Can I bring a Cambridge Past paper to KidsEdge to practice?

Yes, provided it is a legitimate copy.

Can I buy past papers here?

Yes, but it is not included in the tuition fee. Please inquire for pricing.

Primary English

Primary English

What is the minimum age?

We accept K2 students.

What if I want my child to focus on creative writing?

Your child will be exposed to a variety of writing styles with emphasis on creative writing. If you would like for us to focus on one, please let us know!

Will my child have homework?

While your child may be asked to review a grammar concepts or vocabulary words at home, they will never have homework.

Will all the work be marked in class?

All work including writing will be marked and corrected during class time.

Is it one piece of writing per class?

Yes! Your child will write a complete story during each class period.

What types of writing will be covered in Primary English?

We focus on creative writing and storytelling. Your child may be asked to write a story based on a picture or recall a fond memory.

How will you help my child apply their grammar skills to their writing?

Your child will complete grammar exercises at the start of class and be required to use these skills during their writing composition. Our teachers will ensure your child applies these skills correctly.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

What is the minimum age?

We accept P.1 students and above. Younger students may sign up for Story Telling and Presentation Skills.

My child is very shy. Will they be left out?

Of course not! We will train your child to be more articulate and help them learn how to be an excellent presenter, speaker, and story teller. Every child will be given an equal chance to speak and present.

Typhoon & Rainstorm Policy

Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal No. 1 or 3

  • When the Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal No. 1 or 3 is in effect, all scheduled classes and will be held as usual.

Black Rainstorm Warning

  • When a Black Rainstorm Warning is in force, all classes will be canceled. Those in progress will normally continue until the end. Stay indoors wherever you are and do not leave until the warning is canceled and the conditions are safe.

Typhoon Signal No. 8

  • When a Typhoon Signal No. 8 is to be issued within 2 hours (pre-No. 8), all classes will be canceled. Those in progress will normally continue until the end. Stay indoors in a safe place or return home if traffic and weather conditions permit.

Classes will resume two hours after the Black Rainstorm Warning and Typhoon Signal No. 8 is lowered or cancelled.

We regret that we cannot arrange make-up classes for these enforced closures.