Interviewing Skills – Primary Admission

KidsEdge’s Interviewing Skills programme prepares your kids for all aspects of the interview. During the programme, they learn key skill-based exercises including storytelling, picture sequencing and description, reasoning skills, phonics, reading & spelling, and draw and tell. In addition, they will learn the importance of speaking in full sentences, posture, eye contact, proper etiquette, and smiling. Mock Interview is the final step in equipping your child to enter the school of your choice!


  • Reading a story and asking students to retell the story, sequence pictures and tell a story are popular activities in interviews and in KidsEdge’s programme.

Sequence Pictures & Tell a Story

Can you sequence the pictures, tell a story and predict what might happen next?

What’s wrong with the picture?

  • Your child will be provided with a picture, usually one with lots going on, and then asked to describe what they see. Your child may also be asked to identify the problem in the picture.

Reasoning Skills & Observational Skills

  • Reasoning skills are crucial in making great impressions. In interview situations, students are tested to gauge their critical thinking skills.

Odd One Out

Phonics & Reading

  • Children will often be tested on their phonetics skills by giving words or a storybook to read. They are not expected to be able to read everything in the book, but they should demonstrate sound phonetics foundation.
  • KidsEdge’s Active Phonics & Reading programme can also be considered, as it is a specialized programme that helps prepare your child to read, spell and write. Good phonics and reading skills will move your child a step closer to a successful primary school interview.

For additional information, you can check out our Interview Tips as well.

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