Poems need to be spoken before they can be appreciated. Let’s hear how KidsEdge interpret selected poems of Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 2013.

KidsEdge helps your child prepare for the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. We also have top rated classes on Story Telling & Presentation Skills (K.2 and K.3) and Public Speaking (P.1 & Up). These are regular weekly programmes aim at boosting your child’s public speaking skills. Your child can be a fluent and confident speaker in no time!

Solo Verse Speaking, Non-Open



Solo Verse Speaking, Non-Open



Primary 1 and 2

Your Birthday Cake by Rosemary Wells

Halfway Down by A A Milne

Beach Time by Marilyn Singer

Primary 3

The Magic Piper by E L Marsh

Lost Rainbow by Peter Dixon

Wet by Lilian Moore

Primary 4

What is Pink? by Christina Rossetti

My Little Sister by John Foster

Have you Ever Seen? adapted by Philip Hawthorn

Primary 5

Waking Up by Eleanor Farjeon

Littlemouse by Richard Edwards

The Secret Song by Margaret Wise Brown

Primary 6

The ‘Veggy’ Lion by Spike Milligan

Where is the Forest? by John Foster

Finding Magic by Eric Finney

Primary 1 and 2

Night Sound by Berlie Doherty

Sand House by J. Patrick Lewis

Primary 3

The Price of Fame by John Foster

Aaaaargh by Jan Dean

Primary 4

Ears by Max Fatchen

The Cellar by John Foster

Primary 5

The Night Before the Match by John Foster

My Pet House by David Whitehead

Primary 6

The Itch by Michael Rosen

A Dragon in the Classroom by Charles Thomson