“Sophie got admitted into ESF. Thank you for your thorough and professional guidance!”

Mrs Cook, mother of Sophie Cook 

“Allison got admitted into Victoria Shanghai Academy. Heartfelt thanks for your team’s efforts. ”

Mrs Li, mother of Allison Li 

“Natalie got admitted into Grade 4 of ESF! Thank you for your team’s professional guidance and support!”

Mrs Yuen, mother of Natalie Yuen 

“Thank you KidsEdge. Shawn has admitted into Harrow International School. Sean has made remarkable progress over the years that he’s been with KidsEdge. Thank you again ”

Mrs Tang, mother of Shawn Tang 

“Joshua got admitted into Grade 4 of GSIS! Thank you for giving him a strong academic foundation throughout these years”

Mrs Cheng, mother of Joshua Cheng 

“Anay got admitted into ESF. We are so pleased of the results! Thank you once again.”

Mrs Labh, mother of Anay Labh

“Max got accepted into Grade 2 of GSIS! Million thanks for your teams efforts and guidance.”

Mrs Dingwell, mother of Max Dingwell 

“Yue got into Victoria Shanghai Academy. Thank you for providing him with a solid foundation in all aspects!”

Mrs Yau, mother of Yue Yau 

“Christopher got accepted to SIS. Thank you again for your team’s effort and professional guidance! ”

Mrs Goh, mother of Christopher Goh 

“Thank you KidsEdge. Hailey got admitted into Grade 4 of  GSIS.  KidsEdge has helped her a great deal in the admission process. Heartfelt thanks for your team’s efforts and professional guidance!”

Mrs Chan, mother of Hailey Chan 

“Thank you KidsEdge. Auston got into HKIS. We are thrilled about the result. He will continue staying at KidsEdge to further improve his oral communications and literacy skills. ”

Mrs An, mother of Auston An 

“Thank you KidsEdge. Emma got accepted into GSIS.  Thank you for giving Emma a strong foundation and equipping her with the confidence that is required to succeed!”

Mrs Stock, mother of Emma Stock 

“Quentin got accepted into SIS. You have built up his confidence and literacy skills. We are very pleased about his progress.”

Mrs Leung, mother of Quentin Leung 

“Thank you KidsEdge for your support and guidance. Benson got admitted into CIS. Heartfelt thanks again!”

Mrs Wong, mother of Benson Wong 

“Megan got accepted into ESF. Thank you for preparing her thoroughly for the interview. Her literacy as well as presentation skills have made great progress .”

Mrs Wong, mother of Megan Wong 

“Sean has made impressive progress during his time at KidsEdge. He got admitted into ESF. Thank you so much for your guideance!”

Mrs Lee, mother of Sean Lee 

“Reia got admitted into ESF.  Thank you for your team’s effort, advice and dedication. You have built up her confidence and I am happy about her progress ”

Mrs Nomoto, mother of Reia Nomoto 

“Eann has made impressive progress during his time at KidsEdge. His confidence and literacy skills have been improving at a good pace. Thank you for your patience and dedication. Eann got admitted into SIS. We are very pleased and thank you once again.”

Mr Quek, father of Eann Quek

“Michelle is admitted to HKIS. We are ecstatic about the results. Millions thanks to KidsEdge for their efforts and dedication. ”

Mrs Sun, mother of Michelle Sun 

“Heartfelt thanks to KidsEdge’s team for their dedication and guidance. Max got into CDNIS. We are overjoyed at the outcome. ”

Mrs Dingwell, mother of Max Dingwell 

“Alfred got admitted  into ESF. Your team has done a great job for providing him with a  solid foundation. He has become much more confident and outspoken. Thank you KidsEdge. ”

Mrs Li, mother of Alfred Shum 

“We are thrilled about the results – Theodore is accepted to HKIS. Your team is very professional and dedicated in equipping my son for a smooth and successful admission. ”

Mrs Wang, mother of Theordore Wang 

“Christopher didn’t participate and was not responsive in the first interview. He failed and was given a second chance. We then enrolled him in KidsEdge’s interviewing skills programme to better prepare him for the second interview. He passed and got accepted into SIS.  We are extremely glad about the result. We love KidsEdge ”

Mrs Griffin, mother of Christopher Griffin 

“Godfrey got admitted into ISF and ESF. Thank you so much and are so pleased about the results. Godfrey will stay at KidsEdge to further improve his literacy skills.”

Mrs Yuen, mother of Godfrey Yuen 

Sheryl got admitted into CAIS. Thank you for building up her confidence and literacy skills. I am extremely pleased about the result.”

Mrs Lai, mother of Sheryl Lai 

“Michelle and Danielle got admitted to FIS. Thank you again for your team’s support and guidance. ”

Mrs Chau, mother of Michelle and Danielle Chau 

Thank you very much for teaching Jayden for the past few months! I am very happy with his progress in vocabulary and oral English in such a short time. I’m so happy to let you know that Jayden got an offer for a place at Australian international School! Again, as I have been saying to other parents, KidsEdge teachers can do magic! You have helped my elder boy Matthew and now Jayden to enter AISHK!

Even though Jayden has been going to ESF kindergarten since last year, I don’t see his progress in English that I see here at Kidsedge! I will continue to enrol Jayden in more classes here, as he loves KidsEdge.

I have highly recommended many other students to come to KidsEdge, Julio, Avery, Emily who have booked classes already.

Thank you very much!! Please continue to do your magic to other students! You are great teachers!!

Mrs Shek, mother of Jayden Shek

“We are overjoyed. Ziao got accepted into ESF. Million thanks for KidsEdge’s efforts to prepare Ziao for the interview. We will for sure enroll her younger brother into KidsEdge’s programme when he turns three. ”

Mrs Chen, mother of Ziao Chen 

“Thank you KidsEdge. Scarlett got into CIS. We are very happy about the result.”

Mrs Morrow, mother of Scarlett Morrow

“Thank you KidsEdge. Sally got admitted into ISF. Thank you for your great work! ”

Mrs Sun, mother of Sally Sun 

“Ellen got into ESF. Thank you KidsEdge for equipping her with the confidence and skill sets that are required to pass the school interview. We are really happy about the outcome ”

Mrs Leung, mother of Ellen Tsang

“Thank you KidsEdge. Nicholas got accepted into all three schools that we have applied for! All our efforts are paid off!”

Mr Chong, father of Nicholas Chong 

“Thank you KidsEdge. Mayuko is admitted to HKIS. We are very glad about the results ”

Mr Kawase, father of Mayuko Kawase

“Anisha got admitted into GSIS. Thank you KidsEdge for their encouragement and guidance.”

Mrs Grover, mother of Anisha Grover 

“Thank you the KidsEdge team! Keira got admitted into CIS and two other schools. Milllions thanks for your efforts and dedication.”

Mrs Lai, mother of Keira Lai

“Thank you KidsEdge! Jayden got admitted into Australian Internatinal School. We are really glad about the result. Jayden is a lot more open up and participative now. Thanks again!”

Mrs Lai, mother of Jayden Shek

“Thank you KidsEdge. Dave got admitted into ESF. Thank you for getting Dave ready for the interview!”

Mrs Kim, mother of Dave Kim