Summer Programme 2017


Mon to Fri: 9:00 to 10:30 am or 10:40 to 12:10 pm or 1:30 to 3:00 pm


  • Week 1: Jun 19 to 23            Week 7: Jul 31 to Aug 4
  • Week 2: Jun 26 to 30            Week 8:Aug 7 to 11
  • Week 3: Jul 3 to 7                  Week 9: Aug 14 to 18
  • Week 4: Jul 10 to 14               Week 10: Aug 21 to 25
  • Week 5: Jul 17 to 21             Week 11: Aug 28 to Sept 1
  • Week 6: Jul 24 to 28

Weekly Programme Fee:

  • 5 classes per week (Monday to Friday): $1,450 per week
  • 3 classes per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday): $945 per week
  • 2 classes per week (Tuesday, Thursday): $660 per week
  • For those who are interested to join Kids4Kids “Writing for a Cause”, $650 registration fee will be charged by Kids4Kids.


  • 12 or more classes (for the same child): 5% off
  • Register before June 5: 5% off

Active Talkers (P.N. & K.1)

This high-interest programme is based on the renowned Cambridge English curriculum. We encourage the development of conversational and story telling skills through thematic  speaking activities. Your child will build his vocabulary through stories, rhymes and plays. This is a learn-through-play programme and you can be rest assured that your child will have a fun time while building his language skills.

Interviewing Skills (for Kindergarten and Primary School Admission)

It certainly isn’t easy to get your child into a good kindergarten or primary school these days. How can you increase your child’s chances of being accepted to an excellent school? Send him to KidsEdge for the Interviewing Skills programme. Our curriculum specialists have developed a comprehensive programme to help prepare your child for a successful school admission interview!

Story Telling & Presentation Skills (K.2 & K.3)

Effective Storytelling and Presentation Skills are key to persuasive communication. This fun-filled summer programme will build your child’s confidence, practice his story-telling and public speaking skills and learn to read for meaning. All while being engaged with exciting and wonderful stories and show and tell topics suited to his age group.

Primary English (K.3 to P.6)

This programme works to enhance your child’s reading and writing skills while exploring with them the wider world. Various writing genres – Narrative and Non-Narrative writing, will be covered in this programme. Reading comprehension is another aspect of this programme. This programme serves as the ultimate writing course for kids, and is guaranteed to increase your child’s literacy, vocabulary, and writing skills, pushing him far ahead of the other students in his class.

Public Speaking (P.1 to P.6)

In this programme, your child will learn to power up his language, structure what he has to say effectively using narrative framing and focus techniques. In addition, he will learn to build physical presence through movement, posture and body language. He will also learn to master his own voice using drills and exercises on voice projection and enunciation.

Writing for a Cause” competition (Primary students)

The 9th Kids4Kids (童協基金會) Annual “Writing for a Cause” (為善寫作) competition will be held in September 2016. This is a territory wide writing competition for primary students. Children are required to come up with a story between 500 to 600 words with positive messages accompanied by illustrations. They have an option of forming their own groups, with each group of no more than four students.

By participating in this meaningful event, you will have:

  • your child’s story and illustrations judged by an expert panel of judges
  • an option to have your child’s story and illustrations published by KidsEdge
  • a chance to contribute your child’s story books to Hong Kong public Libraries for million of others to appreciate and enjoy