In the KidsEdge Reading and Writing programme, your child will be exposed to a variety of high-interest reading and writing topics. Plenty of guidance will be provided throughout the programme to ensure your child a solid foundation towards creative writing. Sentence and story writing, reading comprehension and beginning grammar are examples of in class activities.

Reading and Writing are essential parts of children’s everyday learning. It is a fact: Kids who read succeed. Reading is the number one factor that affects language comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. Children who read 1 million words a year learn at least 1,000 new words, which is easily attainable if children are provided with reading material that interests them.

Young children who are exposed to reading material often show more signs of emerging literacy than children who are not. Children develop much of their capacity for learning in the first three to five years of life.

Why not expose them to as much reading now as possible?

Reading and Writing

Reading & Writing - ComprehensionUnscramble Sentences

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