There are plenty of benefits for having better public speaking skills, such as boosted confidence, stronger writing skills, improved memory, problem solving abilities, and improved vocal projection.

In this programme, your child will learn to project voice for greater authority, exude eloquence, perform comfortably in the spotlight, effectively organize speech, and become an expert at connecting with the audience! In this programme, your child will learn:


  • Project voice more powerfully with greater authority
  • Improve vocal tone, pace, clarity, quality and enunciation
  • Prepare voice for public speaking with practical drills and warm-up exercises


  • Build physical presence and confidence
  • Signal authority through stance and posture
  • Use movement and gesture effectively to deliver points


  • Prepare a presentation by conveying effective messages, topics and themes
  • Power up language to demand attention, interest and create a impressionable experience


  • Organize content with clear and coherent structures
  • Open and close presentation with a memorable introduction and conclusion
  • Illustrate ideas more effectively using visual aids, such as PowerPoint


  • Speak in public with new-found confidence
  • Deliver more influential, memorable and convincing presentations
  • Overcome the effects of nervousness, stress and fear of public speaking

KidsEdge‘s  Story Telling & Presentation Skills programme is suitable for younger children. We also prepare your child for Hong Kong School Speech Festival. Please give us a call at 2868-0636 to inquire.

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