Experience the wonderful stories written and illustrated by students of KidsEdge.

To put our young writers’ composition skills to the test, KidsEdge enter students from its Young Writers’ Workshop into various writing competitions every year. One of those competitions is the annual Kids4Kids “Writing for a Cause”. Over the summer of 2013, our talented young writers – Ethan Cheng, Megan Ching, Marco Ching, Allen Kiu, Alena Kiu and Lucius Ng have worked hard and come up with captivating stories with vivid illustrations. Lucius Ng and Ethan Cheng have become two of the finalists in the 2013 “Writing for a Cause” Competition.

We are extremely proud of their progress and accomplishments. To celebrate the exceptional achievement of their learning, we wanted to showcase our students’ creativity and capabilities in writing by publishing their works into story books.

  • “Jake’s Amazing Adventure” Written & Illustrated by Lucius Ng
  • “Jason’s Big Mistake!” Written & Illustrated by Megan Ching
  • “Long Long Ago” Written & Illustrated by Ethan Cheng
  • “The Disrespectful Boy” Written & Illustrated by Marco Ching
  • “The Treasure Hunt” Written by Allen Kiu, Illustrated by Alena Kiu
  • “The Boy who Loved Basketball” Written & Illustrated by Ezra Ng

Each of their stories has a specific purpose, and they come with captivating illustrations. Our students were given this creative outlet to voice thoughts, opinions and meaningful ideas.

The “Wonder Book Series” has given the opportunities for others to acknowledge our students’ skills, and at KidsEdge, we believe dedication and talent deserve recognition.


“Jake’s Amazing Adventure” Written &  Illustrated by Lucius Ng

Jason’s Big Mistake” Written & Illustrated by Megan Ching

“Long Long Ago” Written &  Illustrated by Ethan Cheng

“The Disrespectful Boy” Written &  Illustrated by Marco Ching

“A Treasure Hunt” Written by Allen Kiu, Illustrated by Alena Kiu

“The Boy Who Loved Basketball” Written &  Illustrated by Ezra Ng

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