No one likes interviewing. Not professionals, not adults, and certainly not students competing for a sought after place in their preferred school. Unfortunately, to be considered for most schools in Hong Kong, requires going through an interview. Not fun, I know, but it doesn’t have to be traumatic either. The key to “acing” an interview is adequate preparation. Why? Because if you are prepared, you will be more confident. And if you are more confident, you will do the best job of representing yourself. So, let’s get you prepared!

First, a few basics:

Be on Time: Know Where You’re Going as being late is never acceptable. Better yet, be early. Be early is important as you will allow yourself, and more importantly your child time to settle in to a new environment. Don’t be too early though as your child may lose patient by waiting for too long.

Be confident: Make eye contact with your interviewer, and SMILE when you introduce yourself. Believe in yourself, and the interviewer will be more likely to believe in you.

Manners, Manners, Manners!: Sit up straight. Don’t fiddle with your hands, hair etc. Look at the interviewer when engaging in conversation. Always say please and thank you.

Follow instructions: be co-operative and always listen for instructions. The interviewers have no way to assess your ability if you do not do what you are told to.

Dress Nicely: If you’re a girl, wear a skirt. If you’re a boy, wear a shirt and trousers. No jeans. No shorts. The key here is to make it look as though you actually put in some thought into your appearance because that shows the interviewer that you are taking this opportunity seriously.

School visit: Visit the school before the interview. Tell your child some nice things about the school.

Most importantly, be prepared for the following interview activities:

1. Answering typical interview question

2. Draw & Tell!

3. Story Telling / Describing a Picture

4. Playing with Toys and Puzzles

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