Active Talkers

In Active Talkers, your child will be trained on how to use crucial speaking and pronunciation skills and build his or her vocabulary through engaging and exciting stories and activities suitable for their age group. This programme achieves this through three enticing aspects geared specifically towards younger children: storytelling, hands on activities and communication skills enrichment.


Children have an innate attraction to stories. Stories spur children’s imaginations and rouse their curiosity. They spark a sense of wonder and magic, leading children to ask questions and explore the world around them. Storytelling also increases a child’s willingness to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Not only does storytelling enhance listening skills, it also encourages active participation, verbal proficiency and critical curiosity.

At KidsEdge, we value the importance of stories and take the time to read and discuss a variety of stories with your child. Each class session involves at least one story with pictures and vocabulary your child will be sure to enjoy. By asking our students probing questions, we encourage children to recall words and facts from the stories read. In addition, students are asked to add enriching details to the stories read. These discussions aid in the development of higher-level, critical thinking skills which in turn are necessary to succeed in school.

Hands on Activities

Young children learn best by exploring the world around them. They are eager achievers, and enjoy completing tasks on their own. For this age group, kinaesthetic learning is best. Rather than seeing the teacher perform a task, children enjoy completing the task on their own. These tactile activities allow children to grow as learners.

Each Active Talkers lesson contains activities specially designed for kinaesthetic learning. For example, some students may be asked to cut out shapes and correctly match where they might go. Others may be given parts of an animal and asked to reassemble. Throughout these activities, our teachers encourage students to explain their actions and engage them in conversation. By both doing and voicing their thoughts, children become even more conscientious and knowledgeable of the world around them.

Communication Skills

It is a well-known fact that young children develop language acquisition skills at an incredible rate. They are able to learn new words in their native tongue as well as any other languages they are exposed to. Children develop these communication skills by interacting with adults both in school and at home. Without basic communication skills, your child may recognise what is happening around them but be unable to correctly make their voice heard.

With this in mind, KidsEdge gives our Active Talker students plenty of opportunities to hear the English language from native speakers and participate in spoken activities. During the lesson, children complete listening and speaking activities utilizing a variety of vocabulary and sounds. Active Talkers helps students develop fluency and confidence by encouraging active oral communications. Our teachers ensure all students are vocal participants in the class and help students clarify what their thoughts and ideas may be. Students are asked to repeat words and phrases or read stories geared towards their level. The ability to properly pronounce words encourages them to continue talking and instils within them the confidence they need to succeed.

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