Why KidsEdge?

The Best Initial Education – Get Into Your Dream School

  • As parents, you want the best of education for your children. The initial education they receive forms the foundation of their entire educational life, making it essential that your kids receive the best initial education. KidsEdge helps your child get into your designated school; we are a platform with a reputation of its school admission expertise, helping prepare children extensively for kindergarten and primary school interviews so that they are able to get into the best schools, thereby effectively starting off with a strong educational foundation.

More Than 10 Years of Experience

  • With more than 10 years of experience in the education industry, KidsEdge is fully equipped with a full understanding of school systems in Hong Kong. We have knowledge of admission interviews and tests, and exactly what your child needs to pass them. Our expertise not only makes us a refined name to be in the education industry but also allows us to professionally study the basic interview process for kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong. Our specialists have developed a plan based on this, and our teachers work by the plan to prepare your child for the admission interview.

We Understand What is Required

  • Here at KidsEdge, we have seen in our past years of experience that a child doesn’t only need basic subject skills to pass these interviews – they require confidence, proper communicative abilities and other skill sets that are needed to succeed in school as well as in life. Therefore, we work to equip your child with everything: basic subject skills like Language, Mathematics, etc. and skills like confidence and communication as well.

Proven Results

  • We have a history of proven results, and have attained the achievement of many of our students gaining acceptance in the best schools of Hong Kong including HKIS, GSIS, CIS, ISF, SIS, FIS etc.  Let’s take a look at parents’ testimonials.

Qualified Native English Speaking Teachers

  • We have attained the best teachers for KidsEdge to teach your child. They are all highly educated Native English Speakers, coming from UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. They hold degrees in subjects like English, English Literature, Education, Early Childhood Education, Drama, and Musical Theatre. Additionally, we ensure that our teachers are positive, of good character, and hold an enthusiasm to help kids. This is because we believe our students deserve the best of teachers that communicate well so that the kids can learn from teaching as well as influence.

Expert Designed Curriculum

  • Our curriculum is one that is unique, because it is centered on accelerated learning, efficiency, and a fun learning experience for kids. Our teachers work by our expertly developed plan that is optimized to help kids get into the best schools. However, whilst following the plan, our teachers are also equipped with the individual knowhow of targeting singular needs of every child. There is no basic, general teaching for all – every student’s individual needs are targeted via our wide range of specialized courses.

Our expertise allows us to go above and beyond in what we have to offer to you, and to promise positive results to all parents. Get your child in your dream school today.