This year, five of our talented young writers have entered the 8th Kids4Kids “Writing for a Cause”. Again, they have done a great job to create stories with thoughtful and encouraging messages. To celebrate their learning, we are proud to showcase their creativity and hard work in the ebooks below.

  • “Simon Learns His Lesson!” Written & Illustrated by Megan Ching
  • “Together is Strength” Written & Illustrated by Ezra Ng
  • “The Regretful Ant” Written & Illustrated by Nicole Lit
  • “The Lonely Monster ” Written & Illustrated by Kylie Kun
  • “My Best Friend” Written & Illustrated by Chloe Tan

“Simon Learns His Lesson” Written &  Illustrated by Megan Ching

“The Regretful Ant” Written &  Illustrated by Nicole Lit

“The Lonely Monster” Written &  Illustrated by Kylie Kun

“A Dream Up In The Sky” Written &  Illustrated by Edith Ho, Principal of KidsEdge

“A Starlit Nigh Sky” Written &  Illustrated by Edith Ho, Principal of KidsEdge

A Starlit Night Sky
Written & Illustrated by Edith Ho, Principal of KidsEdge
Published by KidsEdge

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