This year, ten KidsEdge’s students have entered the 7th Kids4Kids “Writing for a Cause”. We are proud to announce that six of them have entered the final round of the competition. They are Ezra Ng, Tyson Pan, Chloe Pan, Jayla Lee, Eugenia Kam, Lorenzo Kam. Erza Ng is the winner of the “Most Promising Illustrator” award.


  • “Jake Saves the Day!” Written & Illustrated by Lucius Ng
  • “The Space Adventure” Written & Illustrated by Ezra Ng
  • “Bullies & Friends at School” Written & Illustrated by Declan Ng
  • “My Greatest Invention ” Written & Illustrated by Tyson Pan
  • “Jewel the Bully” Written & Illustrated by Chloe Pan
  • Two Little Girls & a Tiny Flat” Written by Jayla Lee
  • “Jenny’s Quest for Success” Written & Illustrated by Quenifer Lung
  • That’s What Friends are For” Written by Lorenzo Kam & Illustrated by Eugenia Kam
  • “The Brave Siblings” Written & Illustrated by Megan Ching
  • “Louis and Sam’s Red Planet Adventure” Written & Illustrated by Louis Chan


“Jake Saves The Day” Written &  Illustrated by Lucius Ng

“The Brave Siblings” Written &  Illustrated by Megan Ching

“The Space Adventure” Written &  Illustrated by Ezra Ng

“Bullies & Friends At School” Written &  Illustrated by Declan Ng

“The Greatest Invention” Written &  Illustrated by Tyson Pan

“Jewel The Bully” Written &  Illustrated by Chloe Pan

“Two Little Girls & A Tiny Flat” Written &  Illustrated by Jayla Lee

“That’s What Friends Are For” Written by Lorenzo Kam Illustrated by Eugenia Kam

“Jenny’s Quest for Success” Written &  Illustrated by Quenifer Lung

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